OpenAI Introduces ChatGPT Plus at a Monthly Cost of $20

OpenAI has commenced the provision of ChatGPT Plus at a monthly rate of $20, boasting faster response times and privileged access.


  • OpenAI is introducing a new premium ChatGPT Plus service for $20 per month, which will have quicker response times and priority support.
  • The firm values its complimentary users and will keep offering free access to ChatGPT.
  • OpenAI is also investigating options for more affordable plans, enterprise plans, and data packages to increase its services’ availability.

OpenAI Introduces ChatGPT Plus at a Monthly Cost of $20
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OpenAI has unveiled its latest offering, ChatGPT Plus, a premium version of its widely used ChatGPT chatbot.

This new service aims to offer subscribers a superior experience, including quicker response times, priority access to new features and upgrades, and the ability to utilize ChatGPT during peak periods.

ChatGPT Plus will be accessible for a monthly fee of $20 and is launching in the United States initially.

OpenAI has begun inviting those on its waiting list to try ChatGPT Plus and intends to broaden availability and support to other regions soon.

OpenAI appreciates its free users and will continue to offer free access to the original ChatGPT chatbot.

The company believes that the subscription pricing model will ensure that free access remains accessible to a wider audience.

“We launched ChatGPT as a research preview so we could learn more about the system’s strengths and weaknesses and gather user feedback to help us improve upon its limitations. Since then, millions of people have given us feedback, we’ve made several important updates and we’ve seen users find value across a range of professional use-cases, including drafting & editing content, brainstorming ideas, programming help, and learning new topics.”

OpenAI plans to enhance and expand the accessibility of ChatGPT Plus based on the feedback and needs of its users.

Furthermore, a waiting list for the ChatGPT API will be implemented in the near future. The company is also exploring various options for cost-effective plans, business plans, and data packs to make its services more available to a wider audience.

Source: OpenAI

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